Coolest Things You Can Do On A Helicopter Grand Canyon Las Vegas Tour

If you’re wondering about the coolest things you can do when taking a helicopter Grand Canyon Las Vegas tour, then read on below.


Take photos from above

One of the best things you can do when visiting the national park is enjoy an unbeatable birds eye view from up to 1000 feet above. There is no better way to enjoy the majestic beauty of one of the natural wonders of the world than soaring through the air. The landmarks are well known for being busy year round with tourists, from above you’ll be able to see it all without having to deal with the crowds.

You really can’t get a sense of the sheer size of it all without seeing it from above, they don’t call it ‘Grand’ for nothing!

If you want to take some of the most impressive photos you’ll probably ever take in your life, then make sure you join a helicopter Grand Canyon, Las Vegas tour, it’s an unbeatable opportunity to appreciate it all from a different angle. Better yet, if you’re in a hurry this is the best way to see some of the key landmarks in only a few hours. You’d certainly never be able to cover so much land travelling by car or bus.

The helicopter Grand Canyon, Las Vegas tours are comfortable and let you travel in style, whilst seeing one of the most amazing natural formations in the world through the eyes of a bird.


See the bottom

grand canyon

If you’re excited about seeing the landmarks from above, but still don’t want to miss out on the chance to appreciate it from the base, then not to fear! Some of the helicopter Grand Canyon, Las Vegas tours in the area offer the opportunity to land inside the national park so that you can see it all from below, meaning you get the best of both worlds as a park visitor and the opportunity to see it from two very different perspectives!


Enjoy a picnic lunch

Whilst you’re on the park floor, enjoy a picnic lunch during your helicopter Grand Canyon, Las Vegas tour. No good day trip at a national park is complete without a delicious picnic lunch after all. Most of the operators in the area will put together a delicious spread for their guests. If you want to make a romantic day of it, you can even ask for a champagne lunch. This is a great way to propose! Image popping the question to the background of one of the most awe inspiring natural wonders of the world.


Find out the history of the area

If you want enjoy a history lesson during your visit then a helicopter Grand Canyon, Las Vegas tour is a great way to do. The high trained operators will give you a complete run down of the history of the area, including the history of the natural formations, settlements and native people of the area. If English isn’t your first language they can even offer support in other languages, many of their providers are multilingual, so no one misses out on the chance to enjoy the rich cultural history of the area.


Enjoy the Skywalk

One of the great things about taking a helicopter Grand Canyon, Las Vegas tour is how flexible the packages are, the sky’s the limit! One of the things that many of the visitors to the area want to do is try out the skywalk – an engineering marvel that allows visitors to appreciate the west rim from a suspended see-through bridge. Get up close and person with the west rim on the bridge and then see it all from above!