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Becoming A Solicitor To Practice Family Law In Sydney

gavel and law book

Practicing family law in Sydney can be a very rewarding and appealing career. They are involved within the Australian legal system providing professional advice, assistance and support in relation to separation, divorce, adoption, child support, property and financial settlements. In addition to this, solicitors practicing family law in Sydney will also give advice on situations involving alternative dispute resolutions, considerations prior to separating or prior to entering a relationship, as well as financial agreements to do with prenuptials and superannuation splitting.

But with such an interesting and diverse range of legal topics, how does one get into this career?

Here are the steps that need to be taken to practice family law in Sydney.

Complete an undergraduate Bachelor’s degree in and/or a postgraduate degree

The very first step is to go to university and complete a relevant Bachelor’s degree, and either opt to continue in a postgraduate degree or stop there. Each degree takes around 3-4 years to complete, depending on how many units you take per semester. It is important to enter a credible university, so as to look good on your resume. Furthermore, it is important to obtain high marks (GPA or WAM) in order to stand out from others wanting to practice family law in Sydney, as the field is very competitive.

Complete Practical Legal Training (PLT)

In Australia, Practical Legal Training (PLT) is required to be completed upon completion of your degree, in order to be eligible for admission to practice. PLT is a structured training program that teaches and develops the practical skills required to practice in a day-to-day courtroom. PLT involves many topics of study; including problem-solving, work management and business skills, civil litigation practice, commercial and corporate practice, as well as two electives of specialized practice. PLT takes approximately 3 months to complete full time, and 8 months part-time.

Apply for admission

To be admitted to practice family law in Sydney, you must apply to the Legal Profession Admission Board for a compliance certificate. In this application, you will be asked for academic prerequisites, PLT prerequisites, national police history check and character references to show good character standing. If all these are accepted and you are admitted, you will be asked to attend a ceremony in which you take an oath and an affirmation before the court, and sign the Supreme Court roll.

Apply for practicing certificate

To practice family law in Sydney, you must apply for a practicing certificate with the Law Society of NSW. You must complete the Application form for Grant of an Australian practicing Certificate as a Solicitor. The questions on the form are to be completed, as well as the fees included to be paid. The application and paid fees are to be paid to the Law Society Registry.

Complete experience and supervised practice at a firm

Couple signing their divorce papers

This is not required; however, it is a good idea to complete around 18 to 24 months of supervised practice at an established firm. In doing so, it gives you good experience in the field and also looks very good on a resume. Furthermore, it can create connections and open opportunities for you in practicing family law in Sydney. Once this is complete, and you are a practicing solicitor, you may choose to specialize in family law in Sydney.

Overall, it can be a long and arduous process to become a solicitor specializing in family law in Sydney, however, most that have the commitment to complete the studies and the process that comes with it to become certified will find that the career that follows is very rewarding.

The History Of Bongs

man with smoke in his mouth

Bongs have changed a lot over the course of history – there’s a lot of impressive and increasingly more advanced options on the market. There are many different options; from complex glass designs, new silicone bongs, or foldable options you can take with you on the go, there’s something suitable for almost every person, no matter what their preference. Despite all the new types of pipes on the market using different materials, early versions were made from glass.

So how long has glass been around? Many history buffs think that it was created for the first time by tools from the Mesopotamia period between 2500 and 1500 BCE. The Mesopotamian’s would create jewellery and beautiful beads with glass.

The beginning of glass

Techniques to blow glass were improved upon in Ancient Rome. Romans would use a special technique known as to create intricate designs on beads and ceramics. These techniques were lost but later recovered in the 19th century. The techniques were responsible for the creation of the styles that we see on modern day bongs.  

Early designs

Dry herbs used for smoking date back to thousands of years ago, there has been confirmations of their use in Central Asia and Africa. Recent explorations around Russia have shown that the leaders of local tribes in the area used to smoke out of golden bongs, this would have been almost 2400 years ago; there were bongs found on the sites that were reportedly from about 1100 and 14000 CE. Most of them were made using animal parts and early forms of property, there were eleven in total found.

Central Asia

The first written works about water pipes are from the Central area of Asia and were created early on around the time of the 1500s. The expression for bongs is thought to have begun around countries like Thailand – where the locals would often talk about the pipes made from natural materials from their local area. There is a hypothesis that water first began to be routinely used in feudal era China. Their strategy for using water in all likelihood got spread down the Silk Road.

Pipes made from water came into normal use along the Silk Road over the course of many years, particularly after tobacco turned into a major thing on the road and began to make loads of money after Europeans settled in America. The glass business started to grow around this time because of the fame and popularity of glass in homes for use in things like lampshades and windows. The glass pipe kept on developing in the twentieth century when it became popular in the 1960s for use in everyday household items.

Modern day

The grandfather of the bongs that we know and love today first began creating modern design in the United States whilst following a band touring. He later settled down in Oregan and took on an apprentice on to learn the craft. He later took on many more people to learn his teachings. Together they realised that a process known as fuming, which uses gold and silver on borosilicate, would create beautiful patterns and they began to develop the modern industry. By the 1990s bongs had become very popular and there were many head shops but the government eventually cracked down. 

Now with more and more changes and decriminalisation the industry is started to innovate more than ever and there are now many impressive options on the market to choose from. More options are popping up all the time, with consumers making the shift towards new materials such as silicones which are more portable and don’t shatter.

How to Find Value With Electrical Supply Products Online

Electrician Work With Electrical Equipment

Locating electrical supply online is the easy bit.

These outlets come a dime a dozen, but those who work in construction, building, mechanics or home improvement have an instinct for identifying the right sellers for their needs.

Those methods no longer have to be kept as state secrets – it just needs a dose of commonsense.

Time to find out how you can score value when seeking electrician supplies online.

Knowing Your Electrical Supply Stock Needs

Shoppers can find an entire world of items when they begin their search for electrical supply products online. What can occur for many participants is that a new electrical box or wire set can suddenly lead to an online basket complete with cables, conduits, connectors and controls, blowing out the budget and adding materials that were not previously required. It is an issue that impacts across all industries with these stocks becoming more enticing to include, but consumers should really have an understanding for the nature of their project, what environment they will be situated in and how much they are willing to spend. Finding value really is all about meticulous planning.

100% User Safe Materials

Individuals should not be placing themselves at risk when they are stocking up on new electrical supplies. This is where cheap materials can lead to electrocution or starting a fire in the workspace. While that price might seem appealing and convenient at the time, the threat of injury and property damage could make that an expensive mistake. The best suppliers in the area will sell their packages in line with current regulations, so these emblems and tickets of certification are little details that really do matter for the sake of value.

Trusted Community Suppliers

Finding value in a 2020 commerce environment can be assessed in a number of different ways, but the ratings and reviews left by other customers is a great starting point. This is a method that offers peace of mind for consumers who want to know that they are sourcing electrical supply products online from a reputable retailer. Shoppers who look for a bargain off the back of a truck won’t offer any of the same guarantees and could place users in trouble on a number of fronts.

Energy Efficient Options

Plug, socket

Stocks that are friendly to sockets and electrical outlets without blowing a fuse will be a major asset for any operator. From sole contactors to DIY specialists alike, buying electrical supply products online is about leveraging technology that can sustain itself for years, not just for a handful of applications. The good news is that these brands have innovated to place energy efficiency high on their agenda, lowering the carbon footprint and sustaining the lifespan of the item beyond its normal expectations.

Fair Price Scheming

Arguably the most important indicator of value is with the price tag and this is where the discovery for electrical supply products online should be judged. A quick scan for outlets at a local level, national level and even international level helps to shed light on how much a conduit fitting happens to be or how much an explosion-proof enclosure would cost including delivery fee. It is recommended for customers to acquire their goods domestically to avoid those costly overseas packaging surcharges, but there are some rare examples where those stocks still arrive below domestic market price.

Customer Service Support

It does not take long for a shopper to suddenly find themselves confused or frustrated when seeking electrical supply products online. That is the advantage of working with domestic websites here in Australia, offering representatives who can walk consumers through their issue in real time and in local business trading hours. Whether it is an open phone line, a popup chat feature, social media direct message platform or email chain, this support will remove the need to settle for second best.

The Types Of Things That People Will Need To Make Sure That Is Included In A Medical Certificate Online

doctor writing a medical certificate

There are, of course, lots of things in life that will take time, and people will just have to accept this fact, no matter how busy they may be. Having said this, there are some things that people can in order to reduce how much time something takes so that they can quickly get on with the other things that they must do. For example, when someone needs to take some time off work because they are sick or because they are taking care of someone who is sick, they will need to get documentation for their workplace.

This is so they can ensure that they are paid the correct rate as most Australians will get 10 sick days each year. As people will want to make sure that they are not wasting anybody’s time (including their own) here is a look at the types of things that people will need to make sure that is included in a medical certificate online.

One of the types of things that people will need to make sure that is included in a medical certificate online is that date that people can return to work

There are a few different things that people should make sure that is included in this type of thing and one of the types of things that people will need to make sure that is included in a medical certificate online is the date that people can return to work. Most people out there will be looking to get this piece of documentation as quickly as they possibly can and so they will be in an out of their GP’s office in a flash. What people need to understand is that there are many workplaces out there that will need to get the go-ahead for when someone can actually return.

This may be the case when someone works in a hospital or when they work in a nursing home where they are surrounded by vulnerable people. When this is the case people need to make sure that they are no longer infectious so that they are able to return to work safely. If people are worried that this cannot be included in the documentation, then they can always check before they make the appointment.

Another one of the types of things that people will need to make sure that is included in a medical certificate online is the correct date

Another one of the types of things that people will need to make that is included in a medical certificate online is the correct date. What can often happen is that people are not able to get an appointment on the exact same day that they are ill and so they will need to speak with a professional on a different day in order to obtain their documentation. The only thing is that if people are not clear about the fact that they need the document to be backdated, the professional may automatically put that day’s date on it instead.

And this will then be rendered completely useless to the company at hand as they will not be able to use this for their files and this will not provide the official evidence that they need. The good news is that when people make sure that the person at hand is able to provide this kind of thing before they actually book in the service, things are likely to work out just fine for everybody who is involved. 

3 Things You Need To Start A Business In Corporate Removals

Two male removalists unloading in a van and passing boxes

Are you thinking about starting your own business in corporate removals? It could prove to be a very lucrative line of business to engage in – but you need to think about what it will take to achieve success and make it a worthwhile investment of your time and money.

This is a robust and competitive industry, so you don’t want to go into it if you are unprepared. You could end up losing a lot of money if you invest in this space and fail to bring in any customers because you get a reputation for inadequacy.

To make sure you are on the right track, read the following on 3 things, you need to start a business in corporate removals.

1.   Experience in the industry

Before you start a business in corporate removals, you must have some kind of experience in the industry. Trying to start a company that you only have superficial knowledge about will go badly for you since your competitors are all going to know the tricks of the trade that you are merely ignorant of.

The best way to get experience is to work under another company and see how things are done. There are so many unspoken rules and essential bits of wisdom that you will learn from this process that makes it worthwhile to engage in it.

2.   A plan

Every business needs a plan, and this is no different when you are trying to get your corporate removals company off the ground. Without a solid plan, you will be going in blind and have no idea how to handle situations when they inevitably arise.

A good business plan incorporates various elements like logistics, marketing, personnel + more. You can only work on the marketing aspect but ignore the logistics and personnel requirements and expect things to go well for you.

If you need help constructing a business plan, then it can be a good idea to hire the assistance of a professional like an accountant or a corporate lawyer who will be able to run the numbers and give you a place to build from. Ultimately, only you can be the master of your own business plan. Even if you get others to do all the work for you, you need to be the one to make sure that plan becomes a reality.

3.   A team

Ultimately, it’s impossible to run a corporate removals business without a team to back you up. Even if you get your hands dirty yourself, you will need help to do the job efficiently and to carry out tasks that more than one person is required for.

The quality of the team you hire is essential to get right – hiring the wrong people could sink your business if and when they do something wrong. You don’t want to hire, for example, someone who has a bad criminal record and is unlikely to be trusted by your clients.

Employing people is a big task in of itself, and it may be prudent for you to get legal advice on how to set up employment contracts that protect your liability. You will also want to organise a form of mutual insurance for your team so that is someone is injured on the job the costs can be absorbed and cushioned.

There you have it, 3 things you need to make sure that you are on the right track when you start your new corporate removals business. Make sure that you follow the advice above to ensure you don’t fail before you begin.

Why Local Communities Love Their Rubbish Pick Up Services

A worker who recycling thing on recycle center on the recycle garbage border

Rubbish pick up services provide a range of benefits for local Australian communities who want to enjoy a clean and safe living space.

While there are many residents and businesses will want to undertake their own waste disposal exercises, there are professionals at hand who can do the heavy lifting on their behalf.

Put the DIY to one side and consider the benefits of these key community services.

It is a Quick Service

The first benefit that local communities enjoy with their rubbish pick up services is having the waste collections deposited and taken off site with immediate effect. Once the order has been made and the drivers on heading out to the location, there is no deliberation or obfuscation about what needs to be done for the customer. Same day servicing is front of mind for waste disposal brands that know time is money and homeowners don’t want to be living in these conditions for long periods.

Overrides Concern About Council Bin Limitation

A key reason why local communities examine rubbish pick up services in the first place is because their council bin allotment is limited. With one single outlet for general trash (red), recycling (yellow) and green waste (green), residents can find themselves hoarding garbage to various corners of the property. Thankfully these businesses offer a tangible solution for families that don’t have to fret about their weekly bin provisions, giving them a ways and means to clear their premises of unwanted waste without overstuffing their assigned items that have very obvious limitations.

Prevents The Spread of Disease

It might not be evident to the naked eye but there is disease that lurks beneath the surface of garbage collections. This is very much a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, creating a potential infection of illness that could be incredibly harmful. Rather than going down this path, local communities are utilising rubbish pick up services to make the task safe for themselves and their fellow residents. These experts are equipped with the right work wear and tools to avoid any exposure, offering a set of actions that looks after everyone’s interests.

Minimises Physical Labour

Sore shoulders, backs, arms and legs can emerge when homeowners undertake their own heavy lifting exercises. Some will be healthy and fit enough to do these tasks, but there will be moments where the labour is too extensive to take that very tangible risk of suffering an injury. Calling rubbish pick up services will give clients the opportunity to put their feet up and avoid an appointment with their doctor or chiropractor.

Cuts Down on Costs

It is easy to overlook just how costly DIY rubbish removal can be for residents. By including the labour, the time, the fuel and oil costs, the wear and tear on the vehicle and the fees that are thrown in for tip deliveries, this is an expensive exercise no matter which angle it is approached. With the aid of rubbish pick up services, there is an opportunity to limit these costs and access a level of assistance that transparently communicates the cost through an obligation-free quote. No need to be kept in the dark about how much an investment is required because they will communicate those details up front.

Fortunately local outlets who offer rubbish pick up services also extend other provisions for homeowners that they could enjoy. This can include skip bin placements and detailed trash removal for all manner of residential and commercial services. Why not take advantage of their assets today rather than putting off this essential task?

Why It May Be Best To Choose A Single Width Aluminium Mobile Scaffolding For Your Task At Hand


Living in Australia can often be a wonderful thing and one of the reasons for this is because there are strict safety guidelines that people have to follow along with. This helps make workplaces very safe as well as reduce the chances of injury or illness. Even when people are completing something at home, they will be more likely to think about their safety because they have to do so in the work place so much.

Because of this, there are currently some people out there who will be wanting to figure out what kind of scaffolding they will need to purchase or hire when they are wanting to complete a small task. It is important to know that it is always better to use one if unsure as not using one could lead to falls, back injuries, or something else more sinister. This means that all people have to do is figure out which system is best for them. For readers who are looking for a bit more information, here is why it may be best to choose a single width aluminium mobile scaffolding for your task at hand.

It may be best to choose a single width aluminium mobile scaffolding for your task at hand because they are a more affordable option

There are a few different options to choose from when people are in the market for a support platform and so it can be helpful to read articles such as this one to get a better idea of what to choose. For those who aren’t looking to invest a great deal of money, it may be best for them to choose a single width aluminium mobile scaffolding for their task at hand. This is because there are all sorts of different small jobs out there that simply don’t require something grand and costly.

Furthermore, this kind of system is super easy to set up and should only take approximately ten minutes to do so. This makes it the perfect choice for those who are looking to quickly paint something, who are wanting something to help with warehouse picking, or something else along these lines. Whatever the task may be, people are usually going to have their needs met when they are completing some kind of little job and just need a bit of extra support.

Why it may be best to choose a single width aluminium mobile scaffolding for your task at hand so that you can easily perform small home repairs

When people own their home, they will then be in charge or taking care of any maintenance or repairs that their property may need. People are able to make the choice between outsourcing the task or completing it themselves. Depending on what the task is, it may be a huge task that will cost way too much to outsource or the task is so small that it just isn’t worth hiring someone else.

As people are usually trying to pay off their mortgage as soon as they possibly can and will also have to cover all of their utilities and rates, the chances are that they are trying to save themselves money at every corner. This means that when they are looking for small home repairs to be completed it is usually best for them to complete the task themselves. Thankfully, people are able to easily complete these kinds of small tasks safely when choosing a single width aluminium mobile scaffolding for their task at hand. 

Things To Look For In Reliable Rubbish Removal Companies In Sydney


When you have accumulated simply too much junk you may have considered going with Heaps Cheap Rubbish Removal to help you out. Many people will tend to go with the first brand that they see when it comes to these sorts of things because they want to get rid of their junk as quickly as possible. However, this can have some consequences on your behalf as not all rubbish removal companies in Sydney uphold their services to the highest quality.

To make sure that you don’t fall into this trap there are some things that you should keep your eyes open for. Below we are going to explore those factors so that you can find the right business to help you out!


Online reputation

The modern business age is a wonderful place with an abundance of resources available at your fingertips which allows consumers to be more informed than ever. This factor has merits to both consumers and brands as they can promote transparency while also interacting with the general public directly. With that in mind people are very vocal about their experiences whether it be good or bad. This information is publicly available which means you have no excuse to give it a quick read through.

Go onto the brand’s social media channels as well as their Google My Business listing to see what past clients of theirs are saying. These platforms are great for reviews and give the brand itself the opportunity to respond. You shouldn’t blacklist a rubbish removal company in Sydney because of one bad review. Instead you should be looking to see how they respond to the criticism. The manner in which they speak to past clients is more than likely the same way you will be spoken to when you are working with them.


Experience and expertise

Many people believe that rubbish removal in Sydney requires little to no skills however they couldn’t be more wrong. This industry is heavily involved and requires up to date knowledge on how to best perform the designated task. The true teacher is a forever student and that saying can be applied to rubbish removal in Sydney. There is new technology being developed along with innovative new methods to dispose of our junk. It is vital that the brand that you go with is keeping up to date with the latest industry news so they can best serve you.

Additionally, being in the business for countless years also comes with its own set of perks. Rubbish removal companies in Sydney that have been practicing for an extended period of time will know the best facilities and methods to properly dispose of your junk. Knowing the greener and more cost effective methods allows them to pass those benefits onto you whether it be in the form of a lower fee or knowing that they recycled your junk effectively.


The prices that they charge

Another factor that you need to keep your eye out for is how much a particular brand is charging for their service. During your search you should come up with a list of potential candidates before you make your final decision. A part of that process should be to also gather a quote from the brand so that you can get a rough idea of what the average price for it is.

Compare these quotes against each other to see who the outlier is. If there is a quote that is much higher than the others you should follow up that figure otherwise go with someone else who is offering a more reasonable figure.


Coolest Things You Can Do On A Helicopter Grand Canyon Las Vegas Tour


If you’re wondering about the coolest things you can do when taking a helicopter Grand Canyon Las Vegas tour, then read on below.


Take photos from above

One of the best things you can do when visiting the national park is enjoy an unbeatable birds eye view from up to 1000 feet above. There is no better way to enjoy the majestic beauty of one of the natural wonders of the world than soaring through the air. The landmarks are well known for being busy year round with tourists, from above you’ll be able to see it all without having to deal with the crowds.

You really can’t get a sense of the sheer size of it all without seeing it from above, they don’t call it ‘Grand’ for nothing!

If you want to take some of the most impressive photos you’ll probably ever take in your life, then make sure you join a helicopter Grand Canyon, Las Vegas tour, it’s an unbeatable opportunity to appreciate it all from a different angle. Better yet, if you’re in a hurry this is the best way to see some of the key landmarks in only a few hours. You’d certainly never be able to cover so much land travelling by car or bus.

The helicopter Grand Canyon, Las Vegas tours are comfortable and let you travel in style, whilst seeing one of the most amazing natural formations in the world through the eyes of a bird.


See the bottom

grand canyon

If you’re excited about seeing the landmarks from above, but still don’t want to miss out on the chance to appreciate it from the base, then not to fear! Some of the helicopter Grand Canyon, Las Vegas tours in the area offer the opportunity to land inside the national park so that you can see it all from below, meaning you get the best of both worlds as a park visitor and the opportunity to see it from two very different perspectives!


Enjoy a picnic lunch

Whilst you’re on the park floor, enjoy a picnic lunch during your helicopter Grand Canyon, Las Vegas tour. No good day trip at a national park is complete without a delicious picnic lunch after all. Most of the operators in the area will put together a delicious spread for their guests. If you want to make a romantic day of it, you can even ask for a champagne lunch. This is a great way to propose! Image popping the question to the background of one of the most awe inspiring natural wonders of the world.


Find out the history of the area

If you want enjoy a history lesson during your visit then a helicopter Grand Canyon, Las Vegas tour is a great way to do. The high trained operators will give you a complete run down of the history of the area, including the history of the natural formations, settlements and native people of the area. If English isn’t your first language they can even offer support in other languages, many of their providers are multilingual, so no one misses out on the chance to enjoy the rich cultural history of the area.


Enjoy the Skywalk

One of the great things about taking a helicopter Grand Canyon, Las Vegas tour is how flexible the packages are, the sky’s the limit! One of the things that many of the visitors to the area want to do is try out the skywalk – an engineering marvel that allows visitors to appreciate the west rim from a suspended see-through bridge. Get up close and person with the west rim on the bridge and then see it all from above!


Cruelest rape punishment laws around the world



China is one among the strictest countries when it comes to rape punishments. The punishment is a death sentence, and at times the rapists are punished my mutilation of genitals and suffer a slow and painful death.



Iran is another cruel nation with very severe laws against rape. Rapists in such strict country are punished by being shot or hanged in front of the general public. The goal of such punishment is to raise awareness about and show the consequences of rape. The surviving victims of abuse are allowed to shoot their rapist in front of the public. The rapist is liable to other sorts of punishment such as a hundred lashes and life imprisonment.



The Anti-Rape Bill passed in the year 2013 changed the country’s law against how it tackled rape cases. In the line of the new code, rapists are punished with a sentence of up to 14 years. If the raped victim is in a severe or dull state or dies, the convicted rapists are killed. The death punishment is liable to repeat rape offenders as well. The death penalty is executed by hanging.



The French nation does not implement any death sentence. However, convicted rapists are met with a hefty penalty of imprisonment anywhere from 15 to 30 years. It solely depends on the victim and factors. If rape is accompanied by any torture, the rapists are punished with life imprisonment.



Rape cases are very rarely recorded in the nation due to its fatal punishments. Rapists are punished with either a death sentence or shot in the head within four days of trial. The penalty is executed by the victim, and in some cases, the rapist is hung to death.



Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has very severe laws against rape. The convicted rapists are first sedated and later murdered in front of the general public. Being an Islamic nation, it acts under Islamic Sharia laws. Rapists suffer inhumane treatment as their heads beheaded in public and then the body and head are stitched together.  Rapists can suffer death by pelting of stones. Rape stones are showered on the rapists until they eventually bleed out and die.



The rape punishment in the Netherlands is prison sentences. The sentence can be anywhere from four to fifteen years imprisonment. In the Netherlands, a French kiss is even considered as rape. Sexual assault on a prostitute is punishable with up to 4 years imprisonment. If the victim dies, the punishment is sentenced up to 15 years.



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