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Reasons Why IT Internships Are Important For Students

Computer codes shown in a monitor

The job market is becoming increasingly competitive, with many university students all competing for the same types of jobs. For this reason, the application of knowledge learnt at university into real life situations is supremely important when it comes to finding a job after graduation.

IT internships are programs in which students are provided with practical and formal experience in their chosen field of work. The most important thing about IT internships is the integration of classroom knowledge into practical application in which they gain real-world work skills that will benefit them in the future in their careers and in the forming of their careers. They bring a wealth of benefits for students currently completing their degree and also post-graduation when seeking a career.

It is obvious to see the general benefits of IT internships for those currently studying an IT or computer science degree. However, there are more lesser known reasons as to why IT internships are important for students.

Application of classroom knowledge into the real world

IT internships are a good way to apply the knowledge you learn in the classroom to real-world applications. Learning to code is a more practical approach in universities, but being able to code something when given a specific task is something that you will learn in IT internships.

Furthermore, it teaches you how companies operate in terms of different departments interacting with each other to get something done. This can include the use of whitespaces and comments to help other developers to understand your code. These are important skills to know as you are usually working in a team and not on your own, and you need to know how to work well together. Moreover, it gives you an appreciation of what would be expected of you in your field and how a corporation operates to get things done and how you would fit into the business operation.

Gain experience and increase your marketability

man while coding for his IT internships

IT internships allow you to gain real-world experience with different applications of your classroom knowledge. This experience can show that you know what you are doing and how to the professional environment in that industry works. Moreover, working for a big and well-known company can show that they considered you good enough to work for them which looks very good on a resume. This experience thereby will increase your marketability as you are able to prove your experience through your IT internships undertaken at companies that are well-known and also show that you can do the work in a professional environment. It proves to potential employers that you are capable and have done this before.


IT internships allow you to meet other professionals who work in your desired field, and you are able to connect with them. Furthermore, you can prove your work to them and this will show them that you are a capable developer/engineer. The result of networking is more opportunities that may arise as a result of career growth and exploration. This could also mean that you may have a job after graduation. Networking is often thought to be the most important thing when it comes to finding a job, as it is not what you know but who you know.

In summary, IT internships are very important as they allow you to gain real-world experience and apply your classroom knowledge into real-world applications. They also provide you with the knowledge of how corporate environments work in your field and give networking opportunities which can amount to career growth and career exploration. Therefore, IT internships have many benefits and should be sought after by all tech students.

Why People Love British Sweets

British sweets

When it comes to chocolates and other types of sweets, British sweets ranks among the best in the world. The UK has a long history of producing some of the world’s most recognisable treats, and the history behind it is quite fascinating.

Because of this fact, authentic British confectionery is one of the most popular imports around the world. There is a distinctive experience to be had with these types of sweets when compared to others around the world.

Let’s take a quick look at why British sweets.

It’s a cultural throwback experience

In the distant past, sweets and treats were a luxury item that was hand-made and only available to the wealthiest in society. However, in Victorian times when the industrial revolution hit, it became easier to mass-produce candy, and its value fell, making it more available to the common people.

Since the industrial revolution started mainly in the UK, British sweets became a famous industry. Many of the most iconic sweets were born out of this time, including sherbet, rhubarb, and custard.

Many of the most popular imported British sweets items are packaged and advertised in a way that emulates the Victorian-era. In this way, these sweets are seen as a way to experience a bit of history.

This is what makes these sweets a great gift to give to people. There is something special about them when compared to the typical modern chocolates you find cheaply at today’s supermarkets. People are willing to pay extra to import something special.

Because people are consuming fewer sweets and avoiding too much sugar in their diets, people are making eating treats a more special experience. Purchasing a box of chocolates is more of a special occasion thing or a gift, rather than something you would do casually. This changing relationship with sweets means that importing British sweets is more appealing to many people.

It tastes great


Of course, an obvious reason why people love British sweets is that it tastes great. These sweets are very distinctive in their tastes, and people love to have the authentic experience rather than something from a modern supermarket shelf.

Because of the aforementioned changing relationship with sweets and candy, people are thinking that if they are going to indulge, they might as well get something memorable. The distinctive taste of UK imported treats makes them much more appealing in the sense of being a ‘special occasion’ experience.

It brings back fond childhood memories

Many people in Australia remember a time when the cross-cultural relationship with the UK was much more prevalent than it is today. This means that in the past, British sweets was much more commonplace around Australia, especially when it came to independent candy stores.

Since there are not as many corner candy shops as there were in the past (blame big mega-corporations), a lot of older Australians seek to enjoy the taste experience they had as children. For many, importing authentic British sweets is the best way for them to replicate their childhood experiences.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of reasons why people absolutely adore British sweets in every way, shape, and form. There are so many different classic products on offer that Australians can easily import and enjoy.

Getting the real thing straight from the source is always the best way to go. This is why stores that specialise in importing sweets directly from the UK are so valuable.

If you are interested in getting some authentic British sweets, then don’t hesitate to look online and find a great supplier that you can order from!

Benefits Of Corporate Flu Shots

syringe and vaccine for corporate flu shots

Influenza is a common illness that affects many Australian workers, especially during the colder winter months. The symptoms of influenza can take a number of days to appear, sometimes up to three days and it can spread quickly through normal everyday interactions and contact. It’s often the case that a person will contract influenza without knowing it and spread it around to colleagues, friends, family and customers before they even know they’re sick. Many people will take several days off a year in sick leave due to contracting influenza, which can heavily impact on the productivity of workplaces. Corporate flu shots can help to stem the spread of the illness and prevent it from impacting the workplace in such a negative way. Here are a few things you should know:

What is influenza?

Influenza is a virus which is highly contagious and impacts on every part of the body. It can be transmitted prior to symptoms appearing and can cause severe complications for people with underlying health conditions; it is responsible for many deaths a year. It spreads by contact, people with the virus can spread it by touching the things around them.

Common symptoms of the flu include coughing, sneezing, fatigue, fever, chills, headache and muscle aches and joint pain. The flu can take one to three days to incubate before symptoms appear and symptoms will generally last for between three days to one week although it can take up to two weeks for people to recover.

There’s a vaccine

The good news for workplaces is that corporate flu shots exist and they’re a great way to dramatically reduce the impact of influenza on the work place. They are highly effective and can help to prevent the spread of illness. To get best results corporate flu shots should be administered in the spring a few months before winter to give the vaccine the time it needs to stimulate antibody production to fight the illness.

How corporate flu shots can benefit your company

So why are corporate flu shots worth it? Businesses that utilise them in their workplaces will find that there are a number of great advantages including a drop in workplace absenteeism, a reduction in time off for medical appointments, improved performance, creation of a herd immunity environment and well as a happier, healthier workforce.

How else you can stop the spread

woman sneezing

Whilst corporate flu shots are the easiest way to stop the spread of influenza in the workplace, there are other things you can also do to protect your workers. A great place to start is by ensuring your work environment is well equipped with items for health and hygiene such as hand sanitiser, tissues, anti-bacterial wipes, soap and disinfectant. Santising surfaces and encouraging employees to regularly wash their hands can help to stop the virus from travelling from employee to employee. You should encourage staff to wipe down their equipment after use and to keep their work areas clean as this can help to prevent other employees from picking up the contagion from surfaces. The best places to focus on include door knobs and handles, as well as common areas such as the kitchen. You should also wipe down and clean equipment that is shared amongst workers such as the photocopier or microwave as these are common places for people to touch and possibly pick up a new illness. Telephones and keyboards should also be wiped down. The best way to ensure that employees are keeping hygiene in mind is to post reminders around key areas such as in bathrooms or kitchens.


Are You Eligible For NDIS Speech Therapy?

Young woman receiving an NDIS speech therapy

Sorting out NDIS speech therapy can be confusing and can take some time but it’s a fantastic opportunity for a lot of people to get the support they need. Often people haven’t been able to or couldn’t access such high caliber support if it wasn’t for the national disability insurance scheme. You likely have a lot of questions about NDIS speech therapy, so read on below to find out what is, whether you’re eligible and how you can access it.

What is NDIS speech therpy?

If you’re not familiar with the national disability insurance scheme then you should know that it’s a recently introduced scheme to provide support for people living with permanent disabilities. This support is offered in a number of different areas and represents a huge change for disability services in Australia. The approach is designed to give people the support they need based on their specific requirements and goals. The program is being rolled out in gradual stages across Australia. The scheme has been establishing in a way that allows people who meet the eligibility criteria to organised meetings with national disability scheme organiser who will work with people to come up with a tailored plan to help that person achieve their goals. Funding for the scheme is given to people based on their individual needs, there is no set amount for funding allocations. The kinds of goals established for therapy may include beginning training courses, search for work, creating a social network or receiving important care – for many people this may involve NDIS speech therapy. This new system replaces the old way of allocating individual blocks of funding to different organisations and recognises that everyone has different needs when it comes to support.

Who is eligible for NDIS speech therapy?

Qualifying for NDIS speech therapy will involve people meeting the eligibility criteria which means they must:

  • Have a permanent and significant disability which impact upon their daily lives
  • Be under the age of 56 when they first enter the scheme
  • Be an Australian citizen or have a permanent visa
  • They must also live in the country and in the areas where the scheme is available

Where is NDIS speech therapy available?

The scheme first began in Australia back in 2013 before it started to be rolled out around the county in 2016. Certain states are rolling the program out by region whilst others are rolling out by age group. To learn if it’s available where you live you should consult the website for the national insurance disability scheme.

How can you apply?

To apply to receive the treatment you should first check that your eligible before reaching out to them to request an application form. If you suffer from speech or hearing loss there are phone lines that you can reach out to, check them out directly with the national disability insurance scheme. Once you apply and have a meeting set up with a planner you should begin to consider your needs and goals. Think about what would help to improve your life and what your goals for your care are. Make sure you take a lot of time to think through your needs carefully. Next, you should go to your first planning meeting, a planner or representative will contact you if you are successful in your application. Your planner will discuss your life and your goals with you and help you come up with a list of the thing you would like to achieve. From there they will develop a tailored plan with you and help you decide on service providers, they’ll also talk to you about whether you want to manage the funding or nominate someone else or a registered manager to manage it for you.

What Is Acupuncture?

acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture is a medical treatment that hails from the East, it’s used in the treatment of a variety of health concerns and first appeared in China centuries ago. Since it first emerged, the Eastern tradition has been investigated thoroughly by scientists who have found that the Eastern tradition has some grounding in the realm of science – showing actual measurable results in the treatment of mild pain and nausea. It has not been provably shown to help with the myriad of other, more serious, conditions that it is sometimes used for in China yet, however. There have been no measurable results shown for conditions such as diabetes but the treatment is now often prescribed in conjunction with other treatments in the West to help with pain and discomfort or to help rehabilitation along. The treatment which used fine needles pressed into the skin is thought to work by affected the flow of something known as ‘qi’ which is energy. The needles are supposed to remove blockages in the flow of energy in the body and allow it to travel freely through the body, this is supposed to heal or alleviate problems.

It’s been around for a long time

Acupunturist hand with acupuncture needle.

The practice of acupuncture is ancient, in fact, some people believe it predates written history although the first signs of it were records all the way back in 100 BC. The treatment was likely developed in China because this is where it was first referenced in historical texts, for a while the practice fell out of favour but it began to emerge again in the 18th century, although it was now very different to the old methods practiced. Western doctors were very dismissive of the treatment for a long time, but in the 20th century people began to appreciate that the method did seem to have some kind of efficacy and potential benefits. Nowadays acupuncture is increasingly being recognised as an effective treatment for some health issues and there are new supporters of it all the time – some people can even get acupuncture treatments through their health insurance provider.

Modern day acupuncture

Studies into the practice seem to suggest that its benefit comes from its indirect impact on the nervous system. By stimulating nerves, acupuncture can help to reduce issues such as inflammation, anxiety and depression. It’s also thought to impact markers in the body that impact on pain responses, thereby making it an effective treatment to combat pain.

Common uses

Acupuncture is a popular choice of medical treatments for many different types of illnesses and ailments. In the West, it’s usually used for mild pain or mental health issues like anxiety and depression but it has also been used it many other issues. Studies suggest that it can be very effective in the treatment of fertility issues and so many women hoping to be mothers will seek out the treatment to improve their chances of conception. Doctors will also sometimes encourage patients to seek help for chronic or acute pain issues, as well as for nausea caused by chemotherapy. It has also been shown to be anecdotally useful in the treatment of conditions such as asthma. Most Western doctors warn against its use for more serious issues such as cancer however, the treatment is not a replacement for traditional modern medicine and medication and those who rely solely on it could put their health at risk. As studies continue there’s no doubt that science will discover new features of this treatment and possibly discover new therapy options for it ways to use it to combat a variety of other illnesses.

Becoming A Solicitor To Practice Family Law In Sydney

gavel and law book

Practicing family law in Sydney can be a very rewarding and appealing career. They are involved within the Australian legal system providing professional advice, assistance and support in relation to separation, divorce, adoption, child support, property and financial settlements. In addition to this, solicitors practicing family law in Sydney will also give advice on situations involving alternative dispute resolutions, considerations prior to separating or prior to entering a relationship, as well as financial agreements to do with prenuptials and superannuation splitting.

But with such an interesting and diverse range of legal topics, how does one get into this career?

Here are the steps that need to be taken to practice family law in Sydney.

Complete an undergraduate Bachelor’s degree in and/or a postgraduate degree

The very first step is to go to university and complete a relevant Bachelor’s degree, and either opt to continue in a postgraduate degree or stop there. Each degree takes around 3-4 years to complete, depending on how many units you take per semester. It is important to enter a credible university, so as to look good on your resume. Furthermore, it is important to obtain high marks (GPA or WAM) in order to stand out from others wanting to practice family law in Sydney, as the field is very competitive.

Complete Practical Legal Training (PLT)

In Australia, Practical Legal Training (PLT) is required to be completed upon completion of your degree, in order to be eligible for admission to practice. PLT is a structured training program that teaches and develops the practical skills required to practice in a day-to-day courtroom. PLT involves many topics of study; including problem-solving, work management and business skills, civil litigation practice, commercial and corporate practice, as well as two electives of specialized practice. PLT takes approximately 3 months to complete full time, and 8 months part-time.

Apply for admission

To be admitted to practice family law in Sydney, you must apply to the Legal Profession Admission Board for a compliance certificate. In this application, you will be asked for academic prerequisites, PLT prerequisites, national police history check and character references to show good character standing. If all these are accepted and you are admitted, you will be asked to attend a ceremony in which you take an oath and an affirmation before the court, and sign the Supreme Court roll.

Apply for practicing certificate

To practice family law in Sydney, you must apply for a practicing certificate with the Law Society of NSW. You must complete the Application form for Grant of an Australian practicing Certificate as a Solicitor. The questions on the form are to be completed, as well as the fees included to be paid. The application and paid fees are to be paid to the Law Society Registry.

Complete experience and supervised practice at a firm

Couple signing their divorce papers

This is not required; however, it is a good idea to complete around 18 to 24 months of supervised practice at an established firm. In doing so, it gives you good experience in the field and also looks very good on a resume. Furthermore, it can create connections and open opportunities for you in practicing family law in Sydney. Once this is complete, and you are a practicing solicitor, you may choose to specialize in family law in Sydney.

Overall, it can be a long and arduous process to become a solicitor specializing in family law in Sydney, however, most that have the commitment to complete the studies and the process that comes with it to become certified will find that the career that follows is very rewarding.

The History Of Bongs

man with smoke in his mouth

Bongs have changed a lot over the course of history – there’s a lot of impressive and increasingly more advanced options on the market. There are many different options; from complex glass designs, new silicone bongs, or foldable options you can take with you on the go, there’s something suitable for almost every person, no matter what their preference. Despite all the new types of pipes on the market using different materials, early versions were made from glass.

So how long has glass been around? Many history buffs think that it was created for the first time by tools from the Mesopotamia period between 2500 and 1500 BCE. The Mesopotamian’s would create jewellery and beautiful beads with glass.

The beginning of glass

Techniques to blow glass were improved upon in Ancient Rome. Romans would use a special technique known as to create intricate designs on beads and ceramics. These techniques were lost but later recovered in the 19th century. The techniques were responsible for the creation of the styles that we see on modern day bongs.  

Early designs

Dry herbs used for smoking date back to thousands of years ago, there has been confirmations of their use in Central Asia and Africa. Recent explorations around Russia have shown that the leaders of local tribes in the area used to smoke out of golden bongs, this would have been almost 2400 years ago; there were bongs found on the sites that were reportedly from about 1100 and 14000 CE. Most of them were made using animal parts and early forms of property, there were eleven in total found.

Central Asia

The first written works about water pipes are from the Central area of Asia and were created early on around the time of the 1500s. The expression for bongs is thought to have begun around countries like Thailand – where the locals would often talk about the pipes made from natural materials from their local area. There is a hypothesis that water first began to be routinely used in feudal era China. Their strategy for using water in all likelihood got spread down the Silk Road.

Pipes made from water came into normal use along the Silk Road over the course of many years, particularly after tobacco turned into a major thing on the road and began to make loads of money after Europeans settled in America. The glass business started to grow around this time because of the fame and popularity of glass in homes for use in things like lampshades and windows. The glass pipe kept on developing in the twentieth century when it became popular in the 1960s for use in everyday household items.

Modern day

The grandfather of the bongs that we know and love today first began creating modern design in the United States whilst following a band touring. He later settled down in Oregan and took on an apprentice on to learn the craft. He later took on many more people to learn his teachings. Together they realised that a process known as fuming, which uses gold and silver on borosilicate, would create beautiful patterns and they began to develop the modern industry. By the 1990s bongs had become very popular and there were many head shops but the government eventually cracked down. 

Now with more and more changes and decriminalisation the industry is started to innovate more than ever and there are now many impressive options on the market to choose from. More options are popping up all the time, with consumers making the shift towards new materials such as silicones which are more portable and don’t shatter.

Essential Tips For Hiring Wedding Photography In Melbourne

bride and groom kissing

Are you thinking about hiring wedding photography in Melbourne? If so, you’ve come to the right place, because the following will look at some of the top tips you need to keep in mind when soliciting this type of professional service.

Getting married is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting adventures you can ever go on. Instead of leading a life as an independent person, you are going to join with another person (both in legal and spiritual terms). This is a big move for anyone, and if you’ve picked the right partner, it can be the most rewarding thing you even do in your life.

In order to document this momentous occasion, you will want to hire a provider of wedding photography in Melbourne. Ideally, they will be able to tell an amazing visual story of your special day that you can save in an album and share with family, friends, and future generations.

However, a lot of things can go wrong if you hire someone who does not gel with you and your vision for how the big day should be documented. The following will examine a few integral tips you need to keep in mind when looking for a provider of wedding photography in Melbourne to hire.

Examine their portfolio of past work

mirror-view photography

Before you call someone to discuss pricing and their availability, you need to make sure that they actually fit what you want. Camerawork is an artform, and each practitioner is going to be different.

You wouldn’t hire an artist whose best work was portraits if you wanted an incredible landscape piece – it wouldn’t be their forte. Similarly, you can’t hire a provider of wedding photography in Melbourne and ask them to do a style of work that they don’t have experience in.

Even if they agree to do the job (maybe they’re desperate for work), it will be their first time and you will be taking a risk. Do you want to risk any part of your special day being sub-par if you can avoid it? No, of course not.

This is why you need to carefully examine the past portfolio of the wedding photography in Melbourne professional you are looking at. Luckily, most if not all practitioners will proudly display their portfolio on the frontpage of their website, making it easy for you to see what their work is like at a glance.

Don’t just look at a few pics – explore the gallery of their work and see what different parts of the ceremony they specialise in. If getting the perfect ‘sunset’ shot is important to you, make sure they have examples of that to show you.

Start looking as soon as you know you’re getting married

wedding photographer taking photos of the bride and groom

While it can be easy to get wrapped up in your engagement and worry about all the planning in a few weeks, it can save you a lot of money and hassle to plan things early. Hiring wedding photography in Melbourne is one thing that you may want to get out of the way early, since a lot of the top providers will be booked out months and sometimes years in advance.

If you really want a particular provider of wedding photography in Melbourne to work on your big day, then you need to engage them early. These professionals are in high demand, so you can’t afford to wait until the last minute and be disappointed.

Interview them

If you can, try to speak with the candidate in person (or at least over the phone) and get to know them a little. This will tell you if the wedding photography in Melbourne provider you are thinking about is going to be easy for you to work with.

How to Find Value With Electrical Supply Products Online

Electrician Work With Electrical Equipment

Locating electrical supply online is the easy bit.

These outlets come a dime a dozen, but those who work in construction, building, mechanics or home improvement have an instinct for identifying the right sellers for their needs.

Those methods no longer have to be kept as state secrets – it just needs a dose of commonsense.

Time to find out how you can score value when seeking electrician supplies online.

Knowing Your Electrical Supply Stock Needs

Shoppers can find an entire world of items when they begin their search for electrical supply products online. What can occur for many participants is that a new electrical box or wire set can suddenly lead to an online basket complete with cables, conduits, connectors and controls, blowing out the budget and adding materials that were not previously required. It is an issue that impacts across all industries with these stocks becoming more enticing to include, but consumers should really have an understanding for the nature of their project, what environment they will be situated in and how much they are willing to spend. Finding value really is all about meticulous planning.

100% User Safe Materials

Individuals should not be placing themselves at risk when they are stocking up on new electrical supplies. This is where cheap materials can lead to electrocution or starting a fire in the workspace. While that price might seem appealing and convenient at the time, the threat of injury and property damage could make that an expensive mistake. The best suppliers in the area will sell their packages in line with current regulations, so these emblems and tickets of certification are little details that really do matter for the sake of value.

Trusted Community Suppliers

Finding value in a 2020 commerce environment can be assessed in a number of different ways, but the ratings and reviews left by other customers is a great starting point. This is a method that offers peace of mind for consumers who want to know that they are sourcing electrical supply products online from a reputable retailer. Shoppers who look for a bargain off the back of a truck won’t offer any of the same guarantees and could place users in trouble on a number of fronts.

Energy Efficient Options

Plug, socket

Stocks that are friendly to sockets and electrical outlets without blowing a fuse will be a major asset for any operator. From sole contactors to DIY specialists alike, buying electrical supply products online is about leveraging technology that can sustain itself for years, not just for a handful of applications. The good news is that these brands have innovated to place energy efficiency high on their agenda, lowering the carbon footprint and sustaining the lifespan of the item beyond its normal expectations.

Fair Price Scheming

Arguably the most important indicator of value is with the price tag and this is where the discovery for electrical supply products online should be judged. A quick scan for outlets at a local level, national level and even international level helps to shed light on how much a conduit fitting happens to be or how much an explosion-proof enclosure would cost including delivery fee. It is recommended for customers to acquire their goods domestically to avoid those costly overseas packaging surcharges, but there are some rare examples where those stocks still arrive below domestic market price.

Customer Service Support

It does not take long for a shopper to suddenly find themselves confused or frustrated when seeking electrical supply products online. That is the advantage of working with domestic websites here in Australia, offering representatives who can walk consumers through their issue in real time and in local business trading hours. Whether it is an open phone line, a popup chat feature, social media direct message platform or email chain, this support will remove the need to settle for second best.

The Types Of Things That People Will Need To Make Sure That Is Included In A Medical Certificate Online

doctor writing a medical certificate

There are, of course, lots of things in life that will take time, and people will just have to accept this fact, no matter how busy they may be. Having said this, there are some things that people can in order to reduce how much time something takes so that they can quickly get on with the other things that they must do. For example, when someone needs to take some time off work because they are sick or because they are taking care of someone who is sick, they will need to get documentation for their workplace.

This is so they can ensure that they are paid the correct rate as most Australians will get 10 sick days each year. As people will want to make sure that they are not wasting anybody’s time (including their own) here is a look at the types of things that people will need to make sure that is included in a medical certificate online.

One of the types of things that people will need to make sure that is included in a medical certificate online is that date that people can return to work

There are a few different things that people should make sure that is included in this type of thing and one of the types of things that people will need to make sure that is included in a medical certificate online is the date that people can return to work. Most people out there will be looking to get this piece of documentation as quickly as they possibly can and so they will be in an out of their GP’s office in a flash. What people need to understand is that there are many workplaces out there that will need to get the go-ahead for when someone can actually return.

This may be the case when someone works in a hospital or when they work in a nursing home where they are surrounded by vulnerable people. When this is the case people need to make sure that they are no longer infectious so that they are able to return to work safely. If people are worried that this cannot be included in the documentation, then they can always check before they make the appointment.

Another one of the types of things that people will need to make sure that is included in a medical certificate online is the correct date

Another one of the types of things that people will need to make that is included in a medical certificate online is the correct date. What can often happen is that people are not able to get an appointment on the exact same day that they are ill and so they will need to speak with a professional on a different day in order to obtain their documentation. The only thing is that if people are not clear about the fact that they need the document to be backdated, the professional may automatically put that day’s date on it instead.

And this will then be rendered completely useless to the company at hand as they will not be able to use this for their files and this will not provide the official evidence that they need. The good news is that when people make sure that the person at hand is able to provide this kind of thing before they actually book in the service, things are likely to work out just fine for everybody who is involved. 


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