Cruelest rape punishment laws around the world


China is one among the strictest countries when it comes to rape punishments. The punishment is a death sentence, and at times the rapists are punished my mutilation of genitals and suffer a slow and painful death.



Iran is another cruel nation with very severe laws against rape. Rapists in such strict country are punished by being shot or hanged in front of the general public. The goal of such punishment is to raise awareness about and show the consequences of rape. The surviving victims of abuse are allowed to shoot their rapist in front of the public. The rapist is liable to other sorts of punishment such as a hundred lashes and life imprisonment.



The Anti-Rape Bill passed in the year 2013 changed the country’s law against how it tackled rape cases. In the line of the new code, rapists are punished with a sentence of up to 14 years. If the raped victim is in a severe or dull state or dies, the convicted rapists are killed. The death punishment is liable to repeat rape offenders as well. The death penalty is executed by hanging.



The French nation does not implement any death sentence. However, convicted rapists are met with a hefty penalty of imprisonment anywhere from 15 to 30 years. It solely depends on the victim and factors. If rape is accompanied by any torture, the rapists are punished with life imprisonment.



Rape cases are very rarely recorded in the nation due to its fatal punishments. Rapists are punished with either a death sentence or shot in the head within four days of trial. The penalty is executed by the victim, and in some cases, the rapist is hung to death.



Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has very severe laws against rape. The convicted rapists are first sedated and later murdered in front of the general public. Being an Islamic nation, it acts under Islamic Sharia laws. Rapists suffer inhumane treatment as their heads beheaded in public and then the body and head are stitched together.  Rapists can suffer death by pelting of stones. Rape stones are showered on the rapists until they eventually bleed out and die.



The rape punishment in the Netherlands is prison sentences. The sentence can be anywhere from four to fifteen years imprisonment. In the Netherlands, a French kiss is even considered as rape. Sexual assault on a prostitute is punishable with up to 4 years imprisonment. If the victim dies, the punishment is sentenced up to 15 years.