SEO company workers in a meeting

What You Can Expect From Your SEO Company

For many businesses looking to expand, contacting an SEO company is the next logical step. You may be better than your competitors in every way but if your target audience can’t find you, what’s the point? Digital marketing is a great way to get your voice heard which is why it is becoming a staple in many industries.

If you know nothing about the digital landscape it may be a bit overwhelming at first. Choosing an agency to work with, them looking through the nitty-gritty of your website and online presence. Rather than fear the unknown you should be embracing it as the benefits that an SEO company offers are unparalleled. To help you in your journey we have some things that you can expect from your SEO company.


After you have completed the long process of choosing an SEO company you should then be having an introductory meeting with them. In this meeting, you should be discussing what your goals are and what you are looking to get out of this new business relationship. They will then ask their own questions about your website, current marketing practices, and any past strategies that you have done.

The digital marketing field is quite large so you should make sure that you have clearly discussed what your goals are. If you want to appear higher on the results page for certain terms let them know, after all these agencies exist to help you.

Website audit

SEO specialist doing a website audit

Regardless if you have had an audit in the past or recently, you will find that most SEO companies will do their own audit of your website. If you have Google Analytics set up they will need access to it to see what pages are and aren’t performing. If you haven’t set up analytics yet they will be able to do that for you. The initiative will also identify which areas may be “broken” and negatively affecting your results. This could be minor things like missing meta titles or broken internal hyperlinks.

Depending on the size and complexity of your website will affect the turnaround time for the results from the audit. Someone from the team will have a chat with you about what they found outlining both the good and the bad. From there they will have some recommendations on how they would like to move forward. Digital marketing starts with your website so any delays in making decisions will impact your total turnaround time in the long run.

Regular checkups and discussions

Good SEO companies should give you regular calls to check in and let you know of any progress and how your efforts are tracking. If they just dump you with a list of things you should be doing they probably aren’t the right choice for you. Many businesses don’t have the understanding or even the time to focus on these aspects. That’s why you hired an SEO company after all.

These discussions are also a great place to ask any questions that you have and voice any concerns. If you aren’t seeing any results let them know and form a strategy together. Keep in mind that these processes do take time with an average initial time of 3 months being the point that you start to see considerable results. Your account manager should also be providing you with regular reports as well so you can actually see the results rather than being told about them.

With all that in mind getting one of these agencies in your corner will make sure that your business is future-proof and able to take on any competitor.