outdoor patio with teak furniture

The Benefits Of Teak Furniture

When you are looking at a new centre for either indoor or outdoor, the material that you should go with is always on your mind. Teak furniture is one of the most popular outdoor variants due to the many advantages that it offers. From the longevity of these fixtures to their durability find out more about the many advantages of teak furniture below.

They are low maintenance

A great benefit of having the best teak furniture is that they are low maintenance. They don’t require any additional treatments of finishes and they can last several decades. The freshly cut and assembled fixtures will start out with a golden, warm colour that eventually fades to a silver – grey. The amount of time for the wood to reach this light colour depends on the conditions it is exposed to and the amount of direct sunlight that it receives.

Additionally, they are also really easy to clean. If you need to remove dirt, surface stains or moss a sponge with soapy water can get the job done. For heavy jobs you can also try out a nylon brush with soapy water. If you are a fan of the golden colour and don’t want it to go there are a tonne of products on the market to help the wood maintain its natural colour. There are finishers and sealers to ensure that you keep the natural golden state.

Teak furniture is incredibly durable

Another great benefit of fixtures made from this material is that they are incredibly durable. They can last in a number of climates with little to no maintenance. What makes this wood so durable is the high amount of oil and rubber in it. These components allow the wood to live in conditions such as rain, harsh sunlight, pests and even giving it great resistance to wood rot. Additionally, due to the nature of the material, it also prevents pieces from splintering, twisting and warping over time.

This makes it a great option for families that want to keep it for many generations. You’ll be able to make many memories on the piece while also being able to sit or use it many years down the track.

Always the perfect temperature

Have you ever sat outside on a bench in summer and it is so hot to touch that it’s basically pointless? Well if you go with teak furniture you’ll never have that problem. The wood that goes into these fixtures allows it to self-regulate its own temperature. That essentially means that in summer it will remain cool and in winter it will hold heat. This is one of the main reasons that people will go with these options over a metal alternative that essentially does the opposite.

Sourced sustainably

The woods that these pieces are made out of are eco-friendly and renewable that can be sourced sustainably. These trees are grown in sustainable plantation forests where multiple saplings are planted for each tree that is cut down. This ensures that there will always be more supply to ensure that the ecosystem and planet are considered in the process.

High quality for an affordable price

The last but definitely not least benefit we have to showcase is that the quality of teak furniture is astounding. There are many different benefits to the wood that we have mentioned above but if some are overkill you have the option to pick the material right for your situation. You see not all of these materials are made equally which has resulted in a grading system. The benefits that we mentioned above apply to mainly Grade A variants. Be sure to ask your supplier what grade they are using and how it affects the quality of your piece.