Old woman getting aged care financial advice

Signs It’s Time To Place Your Parent Into An Aged Care Home

This is certainly a difficult question to answer. For a lot of your life your parent has been the one looking after you, and now the tables have turned and you need to figure out what is the best way to look after them as they enter their twilight years. It is important to remember that every situation is different and it could feel like your parent is losing their independence.

While it is a big adjustment, sometimes there is no other option. If you are worried about the cost of putting your parent into an aged care home, it is important that you seek aged care financial advice. This will help give you the rundown of the type of costs that are associated with aged care, so you can work out if you can afford this option.

As your parent gets older there are probably going to be more and more signs it’s time to place then into an aged care home. Have a read on below to see what some of the major signs are:

Reduced Ability To Perform Day-To-Day Tasks

If your parent can no longer do the normal tasks that are required to get them through the day, then it is probably time to consider placing them in an aged care facility. This could include tasks like things around the house, like cooking, cleaning, having a shower, washing their clothes, and other household chores.

It also includes tasks outside the home, like driving. If normal tasks cannot be completed, and especially if there is no one there to help them, it is important to consider at least some form of assisted living.

Increased Feelings of Isolation

This can start to occur at anytime, but the feelings of isolation can really start to increase when your parent loses their partner, or if family decides to move away. If your parent starts to become more withdrawn and doesn’t want to participate in social events, this could be a sign to move them into an aged care home.

If your parent rarely leave the house, this could be a sign they are withdrawing from society and other social interactions. The situation is made even worse if they live by themselves, and there is no one nearby to check on them, even if it’s just to have a quick chat.

Takes Longer To Recover When Hurt or Sick

As people get older, it usually takes them longer to recover if they are unwell or hurt themselves, there is also the greater risk of complications from this. If this is something you are seeing in your parent, it might be time to consider an aged care home.

When it takes longer for them to get better it means that someone needs to be around to make sure they are fully recovering, and sometimes there might not be anyone to do it. If in an aged care home, there are people around the clock to take care of your loved one.

Walking Becomes Difficult

Old woman trying to walk

If your parent can no longer walk without great difficulty, then they may need to use a walking stick, or even a wheelchair. If your parent can’t get around like they used to, placing them in an aged care facility is a good option because there are trained professionals who can help them with their mobility.

An aged care facility also means that you don’t have to worry about them falling over when they try to walk, hurting themselves, and no one finding them for an extended period of time. If they do fall over, someone will be able to assist them almost immediately.