Here is How To Choose a Laser Cutter.

Here is How To Choose a Laser Cutter.

A laser cutter is quite the investment. Whether it is for a hobby or your business, this machinery is quite pricey. A new laser cutter can cost about $250 for the basic ones and $3000-10,000 for the more advanced models. Some even go higher. These machines are lauded for their precise cuts, which are needed for some specialized works. And while they are essential to many businesses, their price deters many from purchasing them.

So when you finally decide to go for it, it is understandable that you want to pick the best laser cutter for your business. Well, you’re in the right place. We’ll help you make this choice, so you don’t have regrets in the future.

What Type Of Laser Cutter Should You Get?

The machine you get matters because different lasers cut things differently. If you thought they were all just concentrated beams of light, you should probably think again.

There are three types of these machines. They include:

  • The CO2 Laser Cutter: These are the most common. They are fueled by a mixture of gases, including CO2, helium, and nitrogen. The mixture is charged up by electric discharge to generate the beam.

These cutters are efficient and cheap. However, they find it difficult to cut through reflective materials.

  • The Crystal Laser Cutter: These generate their beams from a crystal. The lasers produced have a shorter wavelength than the CO2 cutters, making them cut through thicker materials.

These cutters cannot cut reflective materials, and their parts wear out quicker due to their high power.

  • The Fiber Cutter: These machines take a weak laser and amplify it with special optical fibers. They don’t have moving parts, and the beam produced can easily cut through reflective materials.

They can also work with organic materials and are more efficient. However, they are more expensive.

Your choice depends on what you plan to use the machine to do. The fiber machines might be your best bet if you wish to make precise cuts on reflective materials. The cheaper CO2 devices will be right up your alley if you want to cut dull objects.

Characteristics Of Individual Models You Should Keep In Mind.

Laser cutter

Apart from their beam type, there are other things you should note in a laser cutter. They include:

  • The Size Of The Bed: This determines the size of materials you can cut with your machine. A larger bed is best for industrial use.
  • The Power: The stronger the beam, the quicker you cut. A higher-powered laser is best, but you can always modify the power of a smaller one.
  • The Focal Point: This determines how efficiently your machine will work. Here, the choice is between one with autofocus or one that focuses manually.
  • Tech Support: These machines are complex and might develop faults. It would help if you went for mainstream brands with adequate support and parts that are easy to find.


These machines are not things you can buy on a whim, so choose wisely. Now you know what to note when picking a laser cutter, you can make your purchase confidently.